Friday, 23 July 2010

Sneak preview of my interview with Helen Hart

I recently interviewed author and publisher, Helen Hart (AKA Maya Snow). The interview doesn't go live until the 1st of August but you can catch a sneak preview below - shhhh.

CK) What advice can you give to an author wanting to get published in the Young Adult market?

HH) The good news is that YA is hot. The market is expanding. Authors like Stephenie Meyer and JK Rowling have really helped. Readers love their work, and now they want more! So if you can write sharp, smart YA fiction the chances are an agent or publisher will snap you up. However, competition is fierce and and any writer who wants to compete has to be outstanding. My advice? Write an exciting page-turning YA novel with a gripping plot and fresh, vital characters that young readers can relate to at a deep level. Research and carefully target the right agent/publisher. Be professional. Polish your submission package. Be persistent. Be lucky...

You can read the complete interview on the Struggling Authors site > here


  1. Great interview, Cameris. Helen really knows her stuff - very interesting!


  2. Good grief, the woman is a positive mine of good tips.
    Great interview Cameris, helpful and entertaining at the same time.

  3. I also write for the YA market Cameris. That is a fantastic coup on the interview stakes.
    As Richard said very interesting and ahe knows her stuff.